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turnkeying logo

Do you own a website and everything looks great except the logo? Did you know studies suggest the logo is one of the most important part of a business brand? Well you can start resting at night better now as you can get our logo pack with 300 pre made logo templates where all you got to do is change the name on the logo.

You will get two formats:

You will get JPG which you can use pretty much use any photo editing software to edit the names on logos.

You will also get source PSD and to edit these images you will need adobe photoshop.

I am going to give you an example of one of the logos later on but for now I want to talk a little about the logos and what you are going to get.

Here are the categories and each category has 15 logos in them.

  • Animals
  • Architecture
  • Blogging
  • Business
  • Coaching
  • Internet Services
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Money
  • Nature
  • Other Trades
  • Personal
  • Products
  • Real Estate
  • Security
  • Shop
  • Social Media
  • Software
  • Sports
  • Weight Loss

That’s 20 categories with 15 logos in each one so you will get 300 logos for less then $0.04 a piece… I dare you to try to find a better deal on quality logos in fact you be hard to find some to create one logo for $25 and then get exactly what you wanted out of it.

Here is one of the logos

company logo

turnkeying logo

That took me two minutes and I got an instant brand and remember you get three hundred different logos in 20 different categories so you are sure you can find a great one to use on your website and or your sales marketing material.

If you want to get these logos and remember there is 300 of them but you can buy all 300 for only $10 that is less then $0.04 a click here to get them now.

Bonus #1 –

You get resell rights to these logos.

Bonus #2 –

You get a pre made sales page so you can resell these from without having to create your own sales page.

November 6, 2017