Youtube Dieting Video Website For Sale

youtube dieting video website for sale
Pay to download


Do you know how popular videos are online these days? If not well you may be surprised but you will get 100 people to watch a video before you can get one person to read the same ad but as text on a page. Youtube has taken the web over and is only number two to google. Yes you heard me right google is #1 in overall rank by visitors visiting websites online and youtube is #2. You can find pretty much anything you want on youtube just like you can google. Want to learn a new exercise there is a video on youtube about that… Want to listen to music and watch videos youtube has that as well in fact you will find it very hard to find something youtube does not have.

What you get with this purchase.

  1. Sales website selling the software click here to see demo
  2. Complete website featuring some great videos see demo click here
  3. Master Resell rights to the software that creates the video websites.
  4. Free setup if you host with us click here to order hosting

That’s right if you purchase this product and host with us we will build this website for you free of charge all you will have to do is register a domain name and we have a place that will sell you the domain name for the first year for only $0.99

So lets do a little recap before we move on… You purchase this website for only $10 + you purchase the website hosting for $5 a month and then register a domain name for $0.99 in total you have $15.99 in a complete online business that will make you money for the rest of your life.

How do you make money with this website?

  1. Banner ads – If you do not have places already in place that will pay you for placing banners on your website we will set you up with advertisers who will.
  2. Text ads – Same thing applies
  3. Your own banner ads – If you own websites already and want to place your banners on this website you can.

Have you went and looked at the demo sales page/ What about the actual video website did you go look at it? This video website is mobile friendly so no matter what you are viewing it on either a cell phone or a desktop the video website will resize automatically to make it look very professionally no matter what you are viewing it on.

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