Wordpress One Time Offer Plugin For Sale w/Sales Page

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Make More Money Online With a Simple But Powerful Tool! Thousands of Internet Business Owners Use This Technique To Increase Their Conversions by as much as 500%…

But they don’t have THIS tool!

Imagine searching the web for the product or service you need. You find it and, as your reading the product details, you also discover that you’re being offered the product at a super price, but you only have a limited  time to act.

Great price… a product you already want… Cha-ching!  You’re a customer!

Now you can create this super buying environment for your customers.


One-Time Offer Manager
Plugin for WordPress

Here’s what the One-Time Offer Manager WordPress plugin can do for you:

  • Create time limited special offers for your website visitors.
  • Add timers to your One-Time Offer pages to heighten the sense of urgency.
  • Since your customers never see your One-Time Offer after it expires, they will have to buy through your regular offer, further establishing your credibility.
  • Visitors never see the actual link to your one-time offer page, so they can’t bypass the limits you’ve set.
  • No ploys, no gimmicks, no scams, no tricks. Your customers will quickly realize that your one-time offers are the real deal and they’ll take you up on your next One-Time Offer ’cause nobody likes to miss out!
  • Tracks user by host address (IP) and cookies! (Visitors can’t erase their cookies and get another shot.)
  • And Much Much More…


Plus, the One-Time Offer Manager makes creating and maintaining your one time offers easy and quick.  create a time-limited one time offer in just a few minutes…

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