Whiteboard Video Reseller Website For Sale

whiteboard video website for sale
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Make money as the middle man by selling whiteboard videos to your customers and you need no experience at all if you can check a email you can run this business. You take orders and then you go order the video to be made. Freelancers are always changing prices but we have this one setup to make a nice profit so you never have to worry and you can change prices you charge and pretty much anything else on this website from the admin area.

We set this business up for beginners so its real easy to run but experience marketers will love it as its almost hands free online business to make money from. You wait for the orders and then you go to the supplier and place the order and when its done the supplier will send to you and you resend to your customer.

You got to see the demo of the sales website click here

What is a whiteboard video? It is a sales video which is hand drawn in fact when you look at the demo website sales page it has a whiteboard video on it.

If you are into internet marketing or want to be then this is a great website for you as you can create unlimited pages with different offers on them like you could sell traffic with different packages or social media followers well you get the idea its a complete unlimited business.

What are Whiteboard Sales Videos?
Whiteboard sales videos aka Doodle videos are a fresh way of pitching sales. Those videos feature an artist drawing pictures and texts on a whiteboard. They engage visitors to browse through site, catching their attention with a nice animation and voiceover (optional).

Who are Whiteboard Sales Videos for?
Small businesses, Internet marketers and webmasters who want to easily get visitors attention in a modern, eye-catching way.

There are millions of new businesses and marketers starting every day. If they don’t buy it from you, they will from someone else!

Why Should You Buy This Business?
This business can make you some extra dollars every month with very little work involved. This is a great opportunity to set up a passive income stream. Whether you want to quit your 9-5 or just make an extra dollar here and there, this is the service for you.



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