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website hosting tips
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You will get a complete online business with this web hosting tips website its a complete online business where you can write reviews on web hosting companies and when your users click through and purchase a web hosting plan you will make money. Most hosting companies will pay you $50 to $100 to get them customers. The people you send maybe will signup for a $5 month package you make $50 to $100 that’s a pretty good deal.

How many websites do you think there is online? There is millions and millions and everyone of them need website hosting. There is new websites getting built everyday and all them need website hosting. There is not a website online that everyone can see that does not have hosting yes eBay, Facebook, Google, Yahoo all them have hosting and if they didn’t no one could see them so you see how important hosting is.

You can download this website and install it yourself on your domain name or you can have us to install it for free all you  got to do is host with us.



You might be thinking where am I going to find these places that pay that, well that’s where we step in and give you all the details where to sign up and we will even help you add them to your new online business.

If you are serious about trying to make a living online then wouldn’t you want someone who is going to help you every step of the way? That is what we do we will help you pick out a domain name we will help you setup the hosting we will set this website up for you we will help you get setup with affiliate websites that will pay you money to promote them on your website.

Have you ever been sitting on looking through facebook wishing you could get paid for it? Now you can you advertise this website on facebook when people visit and click on ads you make money.

Make money from these places

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • EbAY
  • gOOGLE
  • CJ
  • Shareasale
  • and any other place you want to add affiliate banners from.

I hear it all the time I do not know how to run a website well that’s just a lie as there is no skills needed. If you can get on Facebook and play around and you can check messenger and emails you can run this website and make money from it.



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