Vegetable Gardening Tips Website For Sale

Pay to download


Making money online from tips websites is almost a given but when you start talking about gardening then people cant get enough and that’s what this website doe’s for them it feeds the mind for gardening. The best part is this website is not limited to what we have in there its in fact unlimited on almost anything you want to add to it.

We have the website setup right now making money from Amazon, eBay, Google, Clickbank.

Do you know of any bigger websites online? No that’s because them four websites are some of the biggest online and them are the ones you will be making money from so you can rest assured you will get paid.

You can change any of the advertisers we have setup or change the affiliate id’s to your own and promote them.

We have this website setup to have articles all about gardening but on each article page there is 3 google ads, clickbank ads, amazon ads.

Aside from the ads we have a store page setup promoting amazon.

Also added a toolbar to bottom of web page to let customers search on amazon.

We also setup a auction page promoting eBay auctions.

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