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You will get four audio files that you can listen to anywhere you want that’s all about dominating clickbank with social bookmarking. We all know or you soon will find out if you are getting into affiliate marketing that clickbank is the way to go as they have products that will pay you up to 75% of each sale you send them try to find a better place then that.I mean can you imagine for a minute you build a business spend thousands of dollars on it and then sell your product but only get 25% of each sale well that’s what clickbank power sellers do because they know the more they pay you the more you will do all the work of marketing for them.

This purchase also includes a squeeze page so you can start your email list.

ClickBank is an incredible way to create an online business without any of the pitfalls that usually go with setting one up

With ClickBank you can get a fully functional Merchant control center to process orders via credit card electronic check and even PayPal for less than $50 and you can set up your site and a single afternoon

Best of all they track all of your Affiliates for you they pay them automatically and plug you and your products right into their Marketplace there couldn’t be an easier way to get set up fast and start getting instant exposure.

We both know that just having a sign up and processing orders isn’t enough that’s the entire point of ClickBank bookmarking 2.0

This tutorials going to show you all the basics of getting your ClickBank site set-up efficiently this is true but we go A Step Beyond that.

Start creating the flood of subscribers customers and repeat customers for a long time to come don’t worry this isn’t another one of those BS old school we’re actually going to be going over a very simple but very underestimated way of generating tons of hot visitors to your website best of all you’ll be learning how you can do all of this absolutely free of charge that’s right you will not spend one single penny to start getting traffic to your website.

So the way this tutorial is setup is really a two-faced cross we did this to make the entire process very easy the first phase will take you through getting set up with ClickBank learning how to use the services they provide and really optimizing your site for social bookmarking.

Once we’ve laid that Foundation we’re going to be diving right into social bookmarking training to start attracting traffic as fast as possible I don’t want you worrying about it being conflict but please make sure that you go through this tutorial in sequential order starting with the #1 audio file and listening through to #4.

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