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The first thing to note is that search engines are getting a little bit smarter. Especially Google. They are a smart bunch of folks at Google. They are always improving their algorithms. One of the things they are getting smarter about is homing in on the pages that are truly helpful for people. If you are searching for a page about organic gardening, Google wants to find the best page about organic gardening for you. They want to serve up the page that gives the human searcher the best information about that topic. And you mention earlier, Terry about the spammy keyword stuffed pages that only a cyborg would understand. You don’t want that.

Increasingly, search engines are not looking favorably on pages like that. Especially Google. Google’s getting pretty cut throat about it. And the reason is, they provide a service. They want people to come to Google and get good out of it. The only way to get good out of it is, to find pages that are actually helpful. So when people ask, how do we write copy that is good for humans and good for search engines? You can’t forget the first part. Focus on the first part first. Make your copy good for human beings. It’s got to communicate your message. If it’s providing good information about your topic, search engines actually like that better that just bunch of keywords in there that sound like your talking in chant. So that’s the first thing to keep in mind.

When people talk about copy writing, they often talk about sales pages. Most people who create those pages aren’t really focused on SEO at all. They are getting traffic to those pages from other sources besides search engines. So when we are talking about web copy for the most part, when we are talking about it in SEO terms, we are talking about other kinds of copy.

So you have a website about organic gardening and on your home page you talk a little bit about organic gardening. You have a page with a different aspect of organic gardening. Remember the first rule is to make the page helpful to human beings and then you want to do what you might call SEO-affying your page. The other guys have talked about that a little bit. I know that in lucid SEO we are going in a little more detail about it. But here’s some examples of the things you might do to SEO-affy your copy.

So you’ve made it useful to human beings. Then you want to inject your keyword into the copy or just go back and make sure your keywords are in your copy in ways that will make the search engines really like your page. So again, lets go back to something that is not even on your page in the way most people think about it. Your title tag. That’s copy. People won’t think about it as copy but it’s copy. Copy doesn’t mean just the text on the middle of your page, it’s all the copy on your page.

Tim mentioned the ALT tag in the image tag earlier. That’s copy too. But getting back to the actual stuff that the human being can read on the page. Start with the title tags that show up in the title bar of your browser. Make sure your keywords are in it. On your page, you will have a headline or two. You’re going to have H1 tags, H2 tags, H3 tags, anything with an H in it. Put your keywords in there. Then you want to make sure your keywords are in the actual text on the page, and you want to have a healthy amount of text on the page. If you just have a few keywords on the page, or a few words on the page that’s probably not going to cut the mustard. What you really want is a healthy bit of text with your keywords in it in a natural way.

So if you’re trying to write human readable stuff, how do you do that? Well it’s pretty easy, actually. Start by talking about your topic and use your keywords early and often in your copy. That is the rule of thumb. Early and often, just use your keywords. You don’t need to get all in a twist about keyword density and all that stuff. Just use your keywords early and often naturally. Also, something else to mention, that is becoming relevant with search engines is related keywords. I won’t go in to too much detail, but using stuff that is related to your keywords, but not exactly your keywords. So synonyms for your keywords. Topical stuff that relates to your keyword. Google’s getting smarter, they are getting smarter all the time and they are going to be moving in the direction of really trying to figure out what the page is about.

So don’t just say, well my keyword is organic gardening. I’ll include 67 instances of organic gardening on my page. That’s not going to do it. Include organic gardening, a few times, 10 times, how ever many times, just a healthy number and also include related concepts in your copy that search engines will like. If you do that, your going to end up with copy search engines like. But your not going to fix it so human beings will look at your page and say, “uuuggghhh! This is junk and pull away.”

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