Self Discipline Mastery Business For Sale w/ Audio-Video Upsell

self discipline mastery
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Have you ever wanted to start an online business but didn’t know where to start? Then this should be the business for you as you not only get to sell the ebook but you also will be selling an upsell for videos and audios so your customers can watch or listen any where they are in the world which means more sales and money for you.

We have went the extra mile with this online business so you will have an exceptional online business to be proud of read below on everything you will get when you buy this business.

Everything you get with this online business

  1. A free domain name all you have to do is think of one we will register it for you and push it to your account free of charge. (Only good if you buy hosting from us)
  2. One month free hosting then as low as $3 a month thereafter.
  3. A complete online website selling an ebook of self discipline
  4. A complete online upsell for audios & videos
  5. A complete affiliate page you yourself can use to promote your website and or register with an affiliate site to get affiliates to promote your business
  6. The main ebook Self Discipline Mastery
  7. 10 mp4 videos
  8. 10 mp3 audios
  9. Optin page so you can collect emails.
  10. Free installation once you sign up for hosting with us.

As you can see from the above you will be getting a complete online business ready to make you money and you do not have to do anything except purchase this business and think of a domain name thats not already registered then advertise to everyone you know and don’t know and you can use places like facebook, twitter and so on.

Here is how it will work.

  • Customers come to your website (#3 above) and purchase your ebook for whatever price you decide to sell it for.
  • Next after they make purchase and pay they will be redirected back to your site to the upsell page (#4 above) where they are offered to upgrade to the video/ audio set for whatever price you decide to sell it for.
  • Then you send them an email with whatever products they purchased being the ebook and the videos or just the ebook.
  • In your email you add in your optin page so they will sign up to your newsletter and you can market to them in the future.


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