Real Estate Business website for sale

real estate business for sale
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Real estate info website for sale where you will find everything you need to know about real estate.

Professionally designed Real Estate website with a front page slider to attract visitor attention. You can add as many sliders as you want that will rotate at random and when a user clicks on one they are taking to the article.

Website features

  • General real estate tips
  • Real estate information
  • Ready For Real Estate,
  • Videos
  • Store
  • Auctions
  • Affiliate ads
  • And so much more

Keep your users entertained and on your website longer with all the stuff we have added to it.
They can read the articles which have affiliate ads on each one of them.
They can watch videos all about real estate and investing in real estate with ads placed on every page.
They can buy stuff from the store with products hosted through Amazon and you make money per sale.
They can buy real estate through eBay auctions and you make money for sale.
We have placed affiliate banner ads all through the website to make you money but if you don’t like it Banner we can remove it if you have a banner to add we can add it nothing on this website is set in stone anything can be changed.

We have RSS feed set up so your users can subscribe to your website which will keep bringing them back to your website on a daily basis.

Admin area features

  • Change logo
  • Background image/ color
  • Change all banner ads
  • Change all articles
  • Rearrange how the website looks like which side the side bars on and so much more.
  • You came turn on or off mobile view which lets people on mobile phones and computers and iPads view your website easier. And you can add it almost everything you can exclude categories, select which is the homepage for mobile view and so much more.
  • You can add unlimited links to other websites or affiliate ads and display them pretty much wherever you want.
  • This website is fully loaded so there is almost unlimited things you can do.

If you really want to see it in action click the demo button below it will open in a new window


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