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Quitting smoking is easy, I’ve done it a THOUSAND TIMES,  sounds familiar?

If you’re anything like me, you have tried to quit thousands of times, yet the urge keeps coming back. Here’s the thing, addiction is all in your mind! It’s nothing physical – you just think it is.

It’s a mental game that you have to play by yourself and sometimes with a friend. Either way, you already know the hazards and health issues it causes. You just ignore it and think that you’ll be the ONLY person in the world to not suffer from it.

Well, guess again!

It pretty much adds up to one conclusion: CANCER!

It doesn’t matter if you’re sucking on menthol, lights, and even ultra lights, you’re simply paying to kill yourself and hurt the ones who love you.

This is what’s inside:

Understanding the Psychology of Smoking
Are You Addicted To Smoking? The Smokers Quiz
Why You Should Quit Smoking Today
Smoking and its ill effects
Smoking and Heart Disease- The Connection
Quit Smoking Today!
Admit your Addiction to Smoking
All cigarettes are equally bad
Mentally Prepare Yourself to Quit Smoking
Role of Will Power in Quitting Smoking
The correlation between exercising and quitting
How jamming to music can help you stop smoking
Meditate your way to success
How Acupuncture Can Help You to Quit Smoking
Quitting Cold Turkey
Why it’s so hard to quit Cold Turkey
How Laser Therapy Can Help You Quit Smoking
The Truth about Nicotine Patches
Hypnosis Techniques
What Happens after you Quit Smoking?
The immediate rewards
The immediate effects
Long term benefits
Fighting The Urge – How To Stay off for Good
Expect the unexpected: Relapses

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