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Start an online store with this open source oscommerce website we have for sale.

We will set this website up for you on your domain name all you got to do is host with us.

You can bring your existing store online or start a totally new online ecommerce store.

Go see a live demo click here

You will have complete access to everything on your website you can change anything you want on your website including but not limited to categories & sub categories, manufacturers, specials, banner ads, and so much more.

With osCommerce there is a lot of themes you can use to change the look of your website some are free and some are paid themes.

We are charging you only $5 to set this online ecommerce store up for you all you got to do is have a domain name and use our hosting.

Steps to take when buying an online business

  1. Order Website
  2. Get a Domain Name Click Here
  3. Get Website Hosting Click Here
  4. Let us setup your website.
  5. Run Website Make Money

Once we set this website up for you we do not disappear we are here anytime to help you as much as you need help with the website and its features.

Adding Categories & Products

Adding products is pretty straight forward once you are in admin click on catalog and then click Categories/ products link then click on the category you want to add products into if new category is needed click add new category once you are in the category click add new product and fill in form its very easy and once you do it a few times you can get your time real fast adding products.

Adding Banners

You will be able to add/ edit/ delete banner ads so you can promote other websites you own or promote affiliate banners so you can make extra money. You have three options when uploading banners you can click browse and upload typing in the web address people go to once they click the banner or you can copy image url and paste it and type in url. Option three is to paste your html code in the box this is great for affiliate banners.

Adding Downloads

You can now offer downloads of product and you can turn this on or off from admin.

Changing logo

Once you have your logo created you can easily login to admin click on catalog and then logo and upload.

This website has so many features its impossible to list them all here best go look at the demo



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