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Here is a website that a lot of people will find useful and will stay on it for a long time and will click on your affiliates ads making you money. Chicken keeping is very popular with all the videos leaked of how commercial chickens are treated which turns people off from store bought eggs so they turn to raising chickens themselves and then instead of buying chickens they want to start incubating chicken eggs but do not know how. Thats where this website is great. You get them there by giving some well deserved read articles then they click on your affiliate links to make you money.

You really need to take a look at this online business click here to see demo of what your website will look like.

We will also load you up on ebooks yourself all about raising chickens, building chicken coops and so much more.

What you are going to get with this purchase

  1. An amazing website and professional design.
  2. 100+ ebooks all about chickens.
  3. Making money from affiliate programs
  4. Ability to add unlimited articles and categories & advertisement.
  5. Our complete support and as long as you host with us we will set this business up for you free of charge.

If you buy this business there is two things extra you are going to need.

  1. You will need a domain name and if you already have one we can use it but if you do not have one click here to get one for $0.99
  2. You will need website hosting click here to get your website hosting today

Never before has there been a better time to run a online how to website.

If you want to see some gross stuff go to youtube and type in commercial chickens and watch a few of the videos its enough to turn you off from eggs and chicken meats that’s why these days more and more people are choosing to raise their own chickens and or buy local. In turn more and more people are trying to learn how to build incubators not only for themselves but to resell so you see there is a big market for this type of website and like I said before you are not going to be stuck with the articles and ads we have on the website as you can change out anything on the website very easy from the admin area.

You might be thinking well I don’t know how to setup a website or for that matter run one… That’s where we come in as we help you from the get go to get your business online and ready to make you money. We will help you pick out a domain name and we will help you get it setup on our hosting and we will build the website for you. After we have the website built we will be here anytime you need us to answer questions or make changes to your website. One thing we do not do is leave you we will be here for the long haul with you helping you any way we can.

Here are just some of the great ebooks you will get with this purchase. You will get over 100 ebooks all about chickens.

4-H poultry guide
4-H poultry program
7 Chicken Coop mistakes
7 Urban Chicken Myths
A guide to artificial incubation
A guide to incubation
A poultry Mini manual
A practical guide for composting poultry litter
Almost everything you need to know about raising boiler chickens
Avian Digest system
Backyard chicken coop
Backyard chicken keeping myths and facts
Backyard Chicken management guide
Basic chicken care
Basics for raising backyard chickens
Bathing and grooming your show chicken
Breeding chickens – hatching eggs in an incubator
Breeding chickens to meet egg quality
Breeds and varieties of chickens
Broiler management guide
Brooding and rearing baby chicks
Brooding chickens and quails
Building a chicken coop
Building plans for poultrymen and practical methods of poultry
Care and incubation of hatching eggs
Caring for a sick or injured chicken
Caring for backyard chickens
Chicken breeds and the colors of their eggs
Chicken breeds
Chicken farming in the tropics
Chicken House guide
Chickens in the city
Choosing a chicken breed – eggs meat or exhibition
Common diseases of chickens
Common respiratory diseases of poultry
Coop plans
Egg grading manual
FAQ about City chickens
Feeding chickens
Flock health plan for Broiler chickens
Gender identification of chicks prior to hatch
General Poultry brooding and rearing
Guide to raising healthy chickens
Hatching eggs by hens or in an incubator
Hatching quality chicks
Hen basics
Home production of Broiler chickens
Housing your chickens
How do I raise poultry for eggs and meat
How much will chickens eat
How to build a chicken coop
How to incubate your eggs
How to keep chickens
How to make six meals from one chicken
How to raise chickens
How to raise game birds
How to raise meat chickens
Humane farm animal care
Incubating and hatching chicks
Incubating eggs
Infectious diseases of poultry
Introducing new birds





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