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Fishing Tips Website For Sale

fishing tips website
Pay to download


You will get a complete website setup to make money from numerous places like amazon, ebay, & google. When you buy this website you will get instant download but if you want us to set it up there is a couple things you will need to do first.

1. You need a Domain Name Click Here
2. You Need Website Hosting Click Here

If you get them two things from us and order this website we will completely setup the website for you at no extra cost. How many people do you know that like fishing? Chances are you know a few or more and them are the people you are trying to target this website to. Once you get them to visit this website you are sure to make money from one of the many channels we have setup. Ways to make money

1. Amazon – We have amazon store page setup and amazon ads on almost every page.
2. eBay – We have auction pages setup and you will make money for every product sold from people you send them.
3. Google Adsense – We have google ads on every page and you will make money per click.

Ever hear of the saying Make Memories? You will be helping people make memories with this website and the tips on it.

Website Features

  • Easy make money from affiliate websites
  • Let visitors watch videos about fishing
  • Visitors will read up on all your fishing tips.
  • Visitors will make you money by clicking on ads.

There is no better niche to make money in the fishing as a few or more people in each family worldwide goes fishing.

Admin Features:

  • Admin has access to change almost anything on the website.
  • Admin can add/ edit/ delete categories
  • Admin can add/ edit/ delete unlimited pages
  • Admin can add/ edit/ delete unlimited articles
  • Admin can add/ edit/ delete unlimited products in the store
  • Admin can add/ edit/ delete unlimited auction pages
  • Admin can add/ edit/ delete unlimited affiliate advertisement or sell advertisement to other people.
  • Admin can add/ edit/ background
  • admin can do a lot more but I gave you main features



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