Disney eBay Affiliate Website For Sale

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You know how popular Disney and Disney characters are with young and old alike. With this website you make money from people looking for Disney items whether it be movies, clothes, figures.

Making money from this website is going to be very easy as Disney is a very popular online and not only will you be promoting ebay auctions you also will be promoting google adsense.

You can add as many auction categories as you want we just added the most popular ones relating to disney

We have setup ebay auctions where you make 50% of ebays revenue and Disney is popular and is a huge money maker.

We have google adsense ads all over the website and all you got to do is change your pub id number.

Website Features

  • Easy to navigate
  • RSS Feed
  • Professional Disney Mickey Mouse Look
  • Features ebay auctions

Admin Features

  • Website built using wordpress
  • Add/ Edit/ Delete unlimited ebay auctions pages
  • Add/ Edit/ Delete unlimited advertisements from places like google.
  • Change header image
  • Change website colors
  • Change background color/ image
  • and so much more

Place to Make money from

  1. eBay auctions
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Any other affiliate website or website you own.

We will completely set this website up for you all you got to do is have a domain name and use our hosting.

You really need to see the demo click image below.

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