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You ever hear the old saying when they struck gold in the West that the people who made the money was the storekeepers… the one offering the prospectors the tools to dig the gold…

That’s what you’ll be offering here except its for dating.

Millions of people are online every day looking to make a date well now you can sell them a membership where they can download e-books that will teach them everything they need to know about dating online.

Aside from the e-book that you will be offering there is also articles that’s your users can read and this is a way to keep users on the website even after they download the ebooks. And you can add as many books to the download area as you want and as many articles to the website as you want.

We didn’t forget about the ads the website has affiliate ads setup all over it to make you money per click from Google AdSense.

What you get with this purchase

  • Instant download
  • Host with us and we will set the website up for free
  • A complete online business ready to make you money
  • Professionally designed online business website
  • All the ebooks offered on the website
  • Plr to all the articles on the website

No matter what it is on this website if you want it changed you can do it from the admin area.

Don’t like an article or want to add a new one you can do that from the admin area.

Want to change advertising or add a banner from a website you own you can do that from the admin area.

Want to add a new ebook or change the price for members downloading the e-book you can do that from the admin area.

Want to add videos to your website you can do that from the admin area.

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