Credit Repair eBook Website For Sale

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Do a search on google and see how many returns you get for credit repair. I will tell you a lot and you can be on top of them all with this professionally built website using wordpress.

With this website you will make 100% of the money generated selling a membership to get the 15 software titles we added and not only do you keep 100% of the money generated you can add more or change the price for the membership.

We have setup two ways for you to handle the ebooks downloading:

#1 They pay the membership you send it to them in a file and they download all them at once.

#2 You make a page for each ebook and make them surf your site to download them and we already have a lite version of the software setup to handle the downloads and will work great.

Making money from this website is very easy and numerous ways.

  1. Sell eBooks – you keep 100% of the money.

  2. Google Adsense – make money per click

  3. Amazon – make money from the banner advertising

  4. eBay – make money from banner advertising.

We have almost every way possible to make money already on this website and not with some run of the mill websites no no we have it setup with the biggest names online.


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