Bodybuilding Wordpress Website For Sale

Pay to download


You will get instant download to a very professionally designed website. This is a wordpress website but is not just a theme as you will get the exact website as you see in our demo and it is a complete money making website. Complete with articles, affiliate ads & videos already setup all you will have to do is promote the website.

Website Features

  • SEO Friendly website
  • A Niche that millions of people world wide do = workout
  • A professionally built website using wordpress
  • Private label rights to the articles
  • Make money from many different affiliate networks.
  • Watch videos
  • and so much more

How many bodybuilder do you think there is out there today? How many people who regularly workout? Them people is your targeted audience and once they get a look at how professionally this website is setup you are sure to have repeat visitors.

Way to make money from this website

  1. Auction Page = Make money from ebay
  2. Store Page = Make money from amazon
  3. Google ads = Make money from google adsense
  4. Sell eBooks = Sell the hottest ebooks available for working out.
  5. Promote Affiliate eBooks = Make money from clickbank promoting ebooks
  6. You can add/ edit/ delete any affiliate ad
  7. You can add/ edit/ delete any article
  8. You can add/ edit/ delete any page you want.

Website is built using wordpress so you can change pretty much anything you want.

We have the website setup using google, ebay, clickbank and your own ebooks we give and you you can change any of these add new ones an d change the price you charge for them.

All you got to do is advertise this website once its set up and its sure to make you money and not just from one place but many places.


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