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Brew Brewing Tips Website For Sale

Beer Prices Are Rising More and More People are wanting to make there own beer but do not know how.

Have you bought a 12 pack lately? Its not cheap and now with this website you can let people learn to brew there own beer at home anytime they want to.

This online business is setup within a niche that people are searching for online and this website not only promotes products but has a video page as well and many articles for your customers to read and learn. Aside from the learning from the articles and videos there is also auctions setup using ebay auctions affiliate program and you will make money fro them and we also setup a store page that has amazon ads on it and you make money from amazon.

Website Features

  • Auction Pages – You will be able to add unlimited auction pages pulling auctions from ebay and get paid for it.
  • Store Pages – The store is setup around amazon and you will be able to add unlimited products from amazon and get paid for it every time a user buys anything.
  • Video Page – You do not make money for the videos but we added amazon and google ads on the page so you still make money.
  • Articles – There is many beer brewing articles for your customers to read and learn how to make beer.
  • Advertisement – You can add ads almost anywhere on the website you want to.
  • and so much more.

With this website you are not stuck with anything,,, Almost everything can be changed like advertisements, articles, pages, auctions, store, videos and its very easy to change.

Admin Area Features

  • Add/ edit/ delete unlimited articles
  • Add/ edit/ delete unlimited auctions
  • Add/ edit/ delete unlimited store products
  • Add/ edit/ delete unlimited banner ads
  • Add/ edit/ delete unlimited videos
  • Change homepage to a different homepage with a click of a button.
  • and so much more

The admin area is very easy to work once you get the hang of it and we are here to help you with anything you want as long as you host with us we will walk you through anything you need help with. We also have ebooks and videos explaining how to use this website and you will get them.

Way you will make money

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • eBay
  • Google

That is 4 of the top websites online so you know you will get paid every time.



You will be learning and letting your customers learn from all the beer brewing tips on this website. At the same time you are running a business so you need to make money and we have taken care of that for you with all the well situated ads on the website. N

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