Banner Ninja 30 Cash Sucking Banner Ads

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Banner Ninja 30 Cash Sucking Banner Ads

Paid advertising is getting more and more EXPENSIVE. Media buys recently got a lot of buzz as a lot of people are making 6 and 7 figures from simple banners… yet a few people actually succeed in it.
Why? It requires a lot of SPLIT TESTING and finding the right formula.

One of the main elements you need to split test are your banners. They create attraction and the better CTR (click thru rate) you get, the more traffic you get paying the same price. The game is to get the HIGHEST CTR to get the most traffic out of your budget.
Yet Creating Hundreds Of Banner Variations In 9 Different Sizes Costs A Lot Of Time & Money
Split testing is NOT easy. Just getting simple 9 banner set can cost you $100. What if you need to test 10 unique banner variations before you get the winner then bring you profit? Are you prepared to pay $1,000.00+ before seeing any ROI??
What If You Could Just Copy-And-Paste My Secretly-Guarded Banner Templates That Get CLICKS & Turns Your ROI “Green” Overnight!
In the last few weeks I was analyzing the most profitable banners using spying tools and ones that worked for my business to create an ultimate banner kit. This will allow you to create banners in a matter of minutes for dirt-cheap.

30 Cash-Sucking & Persuasive Banner Templates (PSD + PNG) – Triple your profits instantly with these cush-sucking banners that will explode your CTR, save money on advertising and make positive ROI.

CTR is EVERYTHING! Boost Your CTR INSTANTLY! In media buys and banners CTR is all you need to focus on to get lowest costs and best quality traffic!

9 Most popular banner sizes per each banner variation. That’s in total 270 unique graphic templates! All done for you, just copy and paste your text and plug into your ad network! Banner sizes: 336×280, 300×250, 250×250, 200×200, 125×125, 728×90, 468×60, 120×600, 160×600.

It’s split-testing on STEROIDS! Split test 10+ banner variations with same copy in minutes! Just copy and paste your text, save banners and start split testing! Make split-testing quick & easy!

Stop losing your money on expensive graphic designers! Enough is enough. Get these banners for less than 50 pennies each!

Save money on waiting days (if not weeks) to get your design delivered. Does it seem like you’re always waiting for someone, pulling your hair off frustrated, to get your projects done (and never actually finishing it…)? Get it in your own hands, finish your banners faster and enjoy quicker results!

Edit these templates in Photoshop (any CS version will do). No Photoshop? No problem. You can hire cheap graphic designer for $10 on scriptlance.com to do it for you. It’s simple, easy, and even a complete newbie will be able to do it.

Save TON of money from your current paid advertising. With better CTR your traffic costs will go down DRAMATICALLY, so you can afford more traffic and make bigger profit at the same time!

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