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Make money selling something every webmaster needs for their website and it is one way backlinks.
Once a website starts getting one way backlinks the search engines like Google start recognizing and starts crawling the website more and that’s when websites start getting organic search engine traffic for free.

The more backlinks a website has the higher the rank in the search engines.

We will give you the source to buy the backlinks from and we will set up the website for you free of charge if you host with us and need us to.

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Everything is marked up to 75% profit if you leave the price as we have it set and use the backlinks source we send you. Of course you will be able to use any Source you want to get the back links and change the price to anything you want as you will be the owner of this online business.

Website features
Sell one way backlinks,
1000 backlinks $29.99,
2000 Backlinks $49.99,
4000 backlinks $69.99,
9000 backlinks $119.99,
Website payments through PayPal

When customers visit your website and decides on which package they want to order they will put in their website URL and up to five keywords and pay you through PayPal. You will then go to the traffic source and place the order. After the backlinks are done the traffic Source will send you a file with all the back links and where they are at on the internet you will then forward this to your customer.

This website is very easy to run other than placing an order and sending a text file and advertising you have nothing else to do.

If you would like to see the website in action go check out the demo we have built by clicking the demo button below




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