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Submit All Your Backlinks To 78 Different Pinging Sites… Automatically!

Comes with master resell rights, complete software & sales page so you can resell the software to your customers.

I’m not going to waste a lot of your valuable time here trying to persuade you to take advantage of this product.

This brand new application will take all the web pages you’ve created and submit them to 78 different reporting/pinging sites to get them indexed as fast as possible by the search engines

Introducing ….

This software is very easy to use just type in your link that you want pnged or import a list of websites you want pinged then click on each site and click begin automatic ping. You can also manual ping them. You can set the timeout between two pings. You also got a results page so you can see the results and you can save results as a cvs file.

backlink software


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