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Age Slower Video Upsell/ Upgrade Pack

Once your customers purchase the ebook from you you can upsell them the audios & videos …

Once you make a sale to your customers for the ebook you can send them to a thank you page which is this offer with a one time offer page then if they upgrade you make money if they choose not to they can just x out of the page

I am sure you seen them online once you purchase on your way to download the software you get sent to a one time offer page where you can upgrade your purchase for not much more then you paid for the product so it makes sense and has a very successful return on investment.

If you never bought the Age Slower Business For Sale first click here its only $5

What you will get with this purchase.

There are 10 modules in this upgrade pack and followings are the details :

Module 1 – Videos (10 video parts in MP4 Format)

– Introduction
– The Impact Of Your Lifestyle
– Why it’s never too late to be what you always wanted to be
– Top Tips For Looking Younger When You’re Older
– Some Final Tips For Looking Younger Quickly
– How To Look Younger Longer
– Staying Fit And Healthy As You Age
– Your Brain – Keeping Your Mind Sharp As You Age
– The Most Important Way To Keep Your Brain Young And Healthy In Older Age
– The Future : Has The First Person To Live Forever Already Been Born?

Module 2 – Upsell Sales Page click here to see demo

Module 3 – Legal Pages

Module 4 – Sales Video

Module 5 – Affiliate Page – see demo click here

Module 6 – Promotion Email Swipes For The Upsell

Module 7 – Squeeze Page see demo click here

Module 8 – Giveaway Report

Module 9 – Graphics

Module 10 – Audios you will get ten audios in MP3 format

demo website

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