20 Complete Turnkey Websites For Sale

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20 Complete Turnkey Websites For Sale with google adsense place holders ready for your affiliate ads from google or any other affiliate.

These are not your everyday niche websites these are very informational websites. You can view the demo we put up that is the ebay website and you will see how much information it has but of course there is a way to make money we call them google ads but you are not forced to use adsense you can use any place that will give you banners to promote.

Here is  list of the turnkey niche websites you are getting.

  1. Anti virus
  2. auto insurance
  3. baby
  4. diets
  5. domain names
  6. ebay – demo this site click here
  7. gardening
  8. golf
  9. guitar
  10. hair loss
  11. home equity
  12. jewelry
  13. online business
  14. parenting
  15. piano
  16. plasma tv
  17. SEO
  18. tread mills
  19. wedding
  20. yoga

View the ebay demo click image below


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