Facebook List Building


Here we are going to teach you how to build your opt in list using facebook

You have probably read many e-books on making money, but no e-book gives you any guarantee that you’ll make money, right? But, here is the most realistic and practical e-book you have ever read in your life. It’s a complete blueprint of making rock solid income consistently! Whoever said ‘the money is in the list!’ hit the nail right on the head.

This is the Ultimate Facebook List-Builder. This is list building like you’ve never seen it before.

Top internet marketers know that the best way of getting traffic from Facebook is creating your own fan page. The more fans you add, the more traffic you will get to your websites, products or affiliate links.

A Successful Fan Page Can Bring: o Regular/Consistent Views o Laser Targeted Traffic o Highly interested Traffic
But here’s the real treat You won’t be making a fan-page. Why do all that hard work when somebody already has?

There are thousands of fan-pages out there that have hundreds of thousands of people who ‘like’ the page. Like I said, super targeted traffic at your fingertips.
What we will be doing is building a strong relationship with the admin/moderators of the page. It’s simple. We want to get to the point where the admin see us as a ‘friend’. If we provide information the to the page we want them to support and recommend it one hundred percent.

So log into your Facebook account. If you don’t already have one sign up at When you log in you don’t really have to do much, that is the beauty about this method. You will notice a search bar at the top of the page like the one in the screen shot below:

In this box you have to put keywords from your niche. If your niche is fitness just put ‘fitness’, if your niche is make money online then put ‘make money online’. I think you catch my drift.

Once you have done this click search. You will be brought to a page like this:

Click on the pages section on the left hand side. Once you have done that you will be brought to a section of fanpages.

Now take a list of about 15-20 fanpages which can be related to your niche. What I have found is that fanpages with about 5000-8000 ‘likes’ tend to have the highest conversion rates. Now you have done that you want to actually go on these pages one by one and write on their wall. Something simple just to start off conversation.

“Great page you have here, I liked that post you had a few months ago about abs. I followed your advice and as difficult as it was to get into a routine it has really benifited me greatly! Thank you! I have been training my abs 3 times per week for the last 3 months, do you think that is enough?”

“I love your page! You have really upped your game the last few months and brought us fans some great info! Is there any workout programs you would recommend to me?”

There are three things you have to do here:

  1. Always compliment them.
  2. Make them think you have been following them for months.
  3. Ask them a question. This will ensure they reply..

Since the first time the admin of the page replied to what you post, I have a rule about following up the page.

day1– Post on the pages wall. Compliment them, make them think you are a die-hard fan. Ask them a question so they reply.
Once they reply you want to keep the conversation running. It doesn’t matter if it’s day one or day one hundred. You want to be having friendly conversation with the admin. This will make you look less spammy. If the admins don’t reply by the end of day one. Then just forget about that page.

day2– Like 2 or 3 of their wall posts. Like a couple of their comments. Don’t post anything today.

day3– Find a great video related to your niche and post it on the wall. Then comment on it with something along the lines of ‘Hey! You should do something similar to this!’

day4– Do nothing on day four.

day5– Find a great article related to your niche and post it on their wall. Comment on another post on their wall. If you can try and help someone out, if someone has asked a question and the page admin hasn’t already replied then you do it for them.

day6– You want to do some research here and compile a post of great quality to post on their wall. If you know alot about a certain area in the niche post about that.

day7– Don’t do anything here. Give the page a little break, you don’t want to overwork it.

day8– Post the link to your squeeze page along with something like

“Found this great report for how to lose 10lbs in 10 days. It is fantastic! I have already lost 8lbs in 5 days. Repost so all your fans can do what I have done!”

Since during the whole eight day period, the admin will already be associating everything that you do with high quality work, so they will then more than likely repost. If they don’t then on to the next one. Even just posting the link of the pages wall will get you opt-ins. But if the fanpage actually re-posts it then everybody who has ‘liked’ the fanpage has the potential to see it.

Now that means that your opt-in page has now got the chance to be infront of XXXXX eye balls. And that is just from one page! If you have that success with all 20 pages. Then you are going to be building a HUGE list.

Try find a page that has a high amount of traffic. A page that gets 5+ different posts on their wall daily. If not their wall is just going to be filled with your posts, one after another. It will look stupid.
Instead of just using squeeze pages, why not….

Use a webinar! Webinars are fantastic. The conversions are out of this world, whenever I have used one the lowest concersion rate I got was 26%. That was out of 384 people based around a $27 product. To which I recieved 75%.
My favourite site to use is That is not an affiliate link. I decided I would go against posting affiliate links as I just want to provide you all with some great information.

On webinarswaps there are hundreds of webinars on hundreds of different niches. All you have to do is sign up ot be an affiliate, then activate your account. Find an offer you would like to promote and then use the above method to drive traffic to it. It is that easy. Another great thing about webinarswaps is you get your commisions payed instantly into your paypal account.

There are webinars on hundreds of different niches. Personal development, making money online, health, dog training. You name it and somebody will have done a webinar on it. The webinars are typically about an hour long and in the hour the person hosting the webinar will give out loads of free information and answer lots of questions. Then at the end they will try sell the listner a product.

Like I have said before they conversions are crazy. Anywhere from 1%-40%! Now it’s time to take acton,

August 21, 2017