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4 Ways to Up Your Facebook Group Engagement!

When you have a Facebook group of your own, engagement can be one of the hardest things to consistently experience. And of course, without engagement, why have a Facebook group at all? Engagement can be tricky. There are certain things people love to talk about and things they don’t. We’d all like to think that “if you build it, they’ll come,” but that’s certainly not the case with Facebook groups.

They may join, but that won’t get them talking. ! So, what will get your audience responding to you and each other? There are a few tricks of the trade that work to get people interacting. In this article, we’ll discuss four ways to increase the engagement within your Facebook group. !

1.Ask questions. Now ask more questions. People love to talk about themselves, so ask. This is, by far, the easiest way to at least have people begin responding to your posts. Ask questions related to your niche or group topic, and make sure you respond to each and every response you receive. Just answering a question is boring. Interacting with the owner of the group is not.

2.Think about your timing. When is your audience using Facebook? If your audience tends to work a 9-5 job, they may not be online to see your posting at 10 am and 2 pm. If they are online perusing Facebook when they receive a notification of a new post in your group, they’ll be more apt to check it out and get involved. Social media auto-posters such as HootSuite and Buffer have analytics to help you determine the best times to post to get the most views, and ultimately the most engagement.

3.Photographs are king in Facebook groups. More people look at posts with photos, and people are much more inclined to respond if it is a photo that is on-topic. Alternatively, you can create a pattern interrupt by using a shocking photo that is entirely not on-topic for your group.

4.Use surveys to find out what they want. This is different than asking questions. Use a survey in your Facebook group to find out exactly what your members want to hear from you. Maybe they want more video content. Maybe they want more industry news. It depends on your niche and topic, but by asking your audience what they want, you can deliver that, and make the group fit what they’re looking for. That is bound to make them more interactive.

Ask Questions to Encourage Engagement !

Nothing will sink your Facebook group faster than lack of participation by the members. So one of your primary objectives as the group administrator needs to be encouraging engagement on posts that you create and getting others in the group to post their posts in the group. !

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement in your group is to ask questions! People love to answer questions because it gives them an opportunity to talk about what they like, don’t like, give opinions, and offer advice. You can ask on-topic questions at random, or have a “Question of the Day.” ! In asking questions of your group, you’ll not only create engagement, but you’ll also gain valuable insight into what your ideal customers want to know or learn, and that will help when you begin to offer them products to purchase. !

If you’re having a problem coming up with questions to ask in your group, try this: Do a simple google search but start your search term with a “question word” such as why, are, who, etc. Just use the word, and your primary search term, and see what comes up! You’ll get lots of ideas for lots of questions this way, and it can help to write them all down or keep them in an online document that you can refer to when you’re stumped for a new question to ask. ! Another great idea is to ask your group members about their experiences.

● “Have you ever had to … ?”

● “What do you do when … ?”

● “What’s your personal experience with … ?”

These types of questions create an opportunity to have your members tell a story about their experiences, and people love to tell and hear stories,
so it’s a win-win for everyone involved. And don’t forget to add your stories, too! !

When you first open up your group, you’ll have to bear the burden of most of the content that gets posted. Set up a posting schedule so that you’re creating a consistent stream of valuable information in the group. Keep track of the times of the day when you get the most engagement on your posts, and tailor your posting schedule to those times. After awhile you should see more and more people contributing on their own, as it becomes more hands-off for you. Don’t forget that even if other people are posting, it’s still your responsibility to attend to the group, engage with your members, and watch out for SPAM.

Create a Facebook Fan Page to Promote Your Facebook Group !

After you’ve created your Facebook group, you’ll, of course, be interested in growing your group by having people who are interested in your topic join the group and become active members.

One of the absolute best ways to make this happen is by directing the individuals who have liked your Fan Page to the Group. ! The reason Fan Pages work so well is that you can gain “likes” to your Fan Page, which can in time turn into new members for your group.

With over a billion people visiting Facebook each day, and over 4.5 billion “likes” per day, you only need to acquire a tiny percentage of this audience to begin growing your page in a big way. ! If you don’t already have a Fan Page for your topic, it’s super easy to create one. Let’s get started! !

Click on the down arrow shown on the far right side of the top menu on Facebook, then click on “Create Page.” You’ll need to choose a category for your page out of those shown. Don’t get hung up on this – you can always change it later on. ! Add a description of the page, what it’s about, and why people should like it! Be upbeat and positive, and don’t try to sell anything in this section. You can use the same exact description you’ve used for your group to make things easier, but make sure your description makes your page seem interesting and fun. You’ll get far more likes if the page looks like it’s going to be worthwhile liking and visiting. ! Add a profile picture, and add this page to your “favorites” so that it’s easily accessible when you’re on Facebook. The profile picture doesn’t have to be a picture of you. It should be an image that represents the topic of your page. Now add the same cover photo that you have for your Facebook group.

Now, you’ll need to enter in some information regarding who you want to attract to this fan page – choose the appropriate demographics, and interest that are similar to those that your page will be about. Now, invite some people who you think would be interested in the page to like the page. You can do this in the left sidebar by clicking “Invite” next to their name. ! That’s it! Your page is now complete, and you can begin to work on promotion!

Creating Your Facebook Group !

So you want to create a Facebook group! Great! Let’s get started, and you’ll soon have your Facebook group up and running smoothly, and be able to grow and expand your group and your following. !

The first thing you’ll do is log in to your Facebook account. Click the down arrow on the right side of the menu bar at the top, and choose “Create Group.” Enter the necessary information about your group that the page asks for – and remember to use a name that described what your group is about to make it easier for new members to find it when they use the Facebook search function. !

At this point, it will help you if you take a moment to add the group to your “favorites.” That way, the group name will show up in your left sidebar near the top, and you’ll have easy access to it without having to search for it each time you want to visit the group or post. ! Set your group privacy to “Closed.” This will create a feeling of exclusivity within your group because not just anyone can get in. It will also enable you to monitor who is added to the group, to make sure they’re a good fit.

Remember that there are over a billion daily users of Facebook, and it’s a given that some of them are spammers who will try to gain access to your group. ! You also want people to have to join the group to see the content – another reason to choose a closed group rather than a public group. ! Now, add at least one friend.

This is necessary to start your group, so pick a person who you think will be interested and let them know you’re adding them to the group ahead of time. No one likes to be added to groups without their permission, so don’t do that. !

Now you can begin customizing your group page by adding a description of the group and adding any rules you have that you want everyone to be aware of. Choose a group icon from those shown, and then find an image that is related to your group’s topic. For free photos to use, you can look at, where you’ll find thousands of beautiful graphics.

You’ll use this image as your group cover photo. !

Your group is just about complete! The last thing you need to do is go to “Edit Group Settings” and add a few tags that describe the group content and what it’s all about.

This will make finding your group much easier. !

Now that your group has been created, you can work on promoting it and gaining members! !

September 27, 2017