Why you should always register your own domain name

domain name

Well first off let me say you do not have to be the one to register it but you should make sure you get it pushed to your account asap. Why? The owner of the domain name is the owner of everything.

Everything starts with the domain name I mean to say you cannot build a website without a domain name. Whoever controls the domain name also controls the website.That’s right if you have someone register a domain name for you and they do not push it to your account they can at anytime change the name servers to point to  a different hosting account and build a new website on it.

See a domain name points wherever the owner tells it to so if I am using hosting hosting site A and want to change to hosting site B all I need to do is get the name servers for hosting site B and then login to where ever I bought the domain name at and change the name servers then wait a couple hours usually and the domain name will begin pointing to the new web hosting site B.

Here is a story I was just told my one of our newest clients.

She bought a website and was running it for over two years she paid the guy to register a domain name for her and paid a extra $15 once a year for the domain name. Every month the person she bought the website from charged her $100 for hosting and domain name and upkeep to the website which is just a one page business card website with a shopping cart added to sell her products from so there was not much work that needed done as far as upkeep.

She used very little hosting megabyte and bandwidth which should of only cost her at most $10 a month.

She was in a accident and was laid up for a couple months and did not pay the $100 a month for those two months thinking she would just pick up where she left off or even just starting fresh on her domain name with a new website.

She got back online and typed in her domain name and hit go. WOW there was a new website on her domain name that was real similar to her business but was not her business. She contacted the guy who sold her the website and registered the domain name for her and got this reply.

“You gave up your rights when you never paid the monthly $100 fee.”

That was it all he wrote her back…

So this women was devastated that she had already paid over $2400 not to mention the amount she paid for the website and the domain name only to get told she had lost her rights to not only the website but the domain name as well.

Now if in the beginning she would have just made sure to get the domain name pushed to her godaddy account this guy couldn’t have stolen her domain name and ran it as his own. So you see this could have been blocked all by making sure you got the domain name in your account.



January 8, 2018